For your special moments

Sweet temptations

All our cakes and pastries are artisanally made using butter, skilled manual processes, lots of tradition and a pinch of imagination. Delicious cream croissants filled to-order, traditional cakes and fruit tarts, scrumptious muffins and sugared doughnuts make any moment magical. Go on, treat yourself!

Croissants and Brioches

Waking up has never been sweeter. Turn your breakfast into a moment of rare and intense joy with our products. Discover our delicious croissants filled with crème pâtissière or jams or why not try one of our empty pastries and choose your own filling.

Our tasty products are also take-away.

Fresh fruit, crème pâtissière or jam tarts

Why wait for a birthday or other special occasion when every day can be a cause for celebration with one of our cakes. Choose your favourite, even as a single portion: filled with fresh fruit, crème pâtissière or jam or what about a scrummy cheesecake? Choose one of the cakes on offer or ask for something special.