Discover the taste of savouries

Simply natural

This is the best way to sum up an authentic and absolutely genuine product. Over 20 hours of natural proofing give Redipane products an absolutely extraordinary crispness, crumb, authentic taste and digestibility. The uneven shape is given by being hand shaped and pressed, just as tradition would have it, to avoid stressing the dough and compromising the texture achieved through hours of proofing. Baking then gives the product a unique crust and crumb.

Principini® buns

Our Principini buns are made from an exclusive dough prepared using only 100% Italian flour and dusted in durum wheat semolina for extra crispiness on the outside while the inside is deliciously soft thanks to the 24 hours of proofing we patiently wait for every day.
Our Principini buns are waiting for you at Redipane.

Ducali Platters

Our Ducali Platters are a selection of the best gastronomical excellences that only Parma tradition can offer. As well as the P.D.O specialties such as Parma ham and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, you can enjoy the taste of other authentic regional delicacies. Excellent as a starter to share with your friends or as a tasty snack.

Our naturally leavened focaccias

Our focaccias are made with specially selected ingredients and a large dose of patience while we wait for the natural proofing cycles to reach perfection, creating a unique dough. Come and try our “Tegamino” and “Schiaccia”.