Welcome in Redipane


Simply natural. This is the best way to sum up an authentic and absolutely genuine product. Over 20 hours of natural proofing give Redipane products an absolutely extraordinary crispness, crumb, authentic taste and digestibility. The uneven shape is given by being hand shaped and pressed, just as tradition would have it, to avoid stressing the dough and compromising the texture achieved through hours of proofing. Baking then gives the product a unique crust and crumb.

Sweet treats

Desserts find an important space in the Redipane offer. Freshly baked croissants with delicious creams, traditional and fruit cakes, exquisite Muffins and sugared donuts will describe an extraordinary moment. A gift that each of us will have the chance to do and that will gratify us and improve our mood.


The tradition of the Italian coffee bar lives on as the protagonist of the Redipane format. Offered are the best Italian coffee blends to be enjoyed “black” or as a creamy cappuccino accompanied by a fragrant croissant, still warm from the oven. Our new line of enticing special coffees will tempt even those who decide to forgo the pastries.