Tradition and innovation

Our philosophy

In today’s frenzied world, we have decided to go against the tide and take the time required to do things the right way. The ancient art of bread baking translates into recipes, little secrets and precise production procedures. In these procedures, ingredients are a very important aspect, but what really makes the difference is “time”. Time in the sense of patiently waiting for the natural proofing cycles to run their course, time to ensure dough resting times are observed and that processing is carried out by hand in observance of artisanal procedures.

What we do and how we do it

Every day we welcome our customers, offering them only select products and a unique food and drink experience. We want REDIPANE to become your favourite place, somewhere welcoming where eating breakfast or a meal becomes an affordable daily treat.

Your tastes, your time, your space.

Italian coffee bar tradition is our mainstay. We stock the best single-origin coffee blends from around the world to be enjoyed as a coffee, pure and simple, or deliciously revisited for those of you who want to enjoy an added touch of sweetness and cheer…

 In Parma we have selected the best P.D.O. cured meats to create the perfect taste combinations with our bakery products.

– “Il pane” di Gianni Rodari –


S’io facessi il fornaio
vorrei cuocere un pane
così grande da sfamare
tutta, tutta la gente
che non ha da mangiare.

Un pane più grande del sole,
dorato, profumato
come le viole.

Un pane così
verrebbero a mangiarlo
dall’India e dal Chilì
i poveri, i bambini,
i vecchietti e gli uccellini.
Sarà una data
da studiare a memoria:
un giorno senza fame!
Il più bel giorno di tutta la storia.

Our passion. Your taste.

The care which goes into our ingredients

From the very beginning always attentive to food trends and “good and healthy eating” needs, Redipane has always invested resources in the creation of natural and healthy products, while observing the strictest manufacturing principles. All ingredients are carefully selected to ensure only the highest quality: 100% Italian flours, extra virgin olive oil, “wholesome” doughs made using the finest ingredients and natural leavens are our only secret. In particular, recent years have seen the manufacturing of products with origins dating back to ancient times that utilize organic and stone-ground flours, all without the use of processing aids or additives.

Gourmet & Healthy

Ethics, sustainability and environmental awareness.

We put people at the heart of our ethics and values. We express our respect for people by selecting only top-quality ingredients and by giving our customers a warm welcome both in our service and the layout and furnishings we have chosen for our establishment. We are committed to offering products, services and conduct on a daily basis which aim to guarantee sustainability and respect for the environment. We adopt voluntary standards of good ethical and environmental conduct because we believe we can play a part in bringing about positive changes in lifestyle which respect nature.


REDIPANE adheres to the: Milano Plastic Free campaign.

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