Corso Italia, 42 – Milano

In our world, slow is better

In today’s frenzied world, we have decided to go against the tide and take the time required to do things the right way. The ancient art of bread baking translates into recipes, little secrets and precise production procedures. In these procedures, ingredients are a very important aspect, but what really makes the difference is “time”. Time in the sense of patiently waiting for the natural proofing cycles to run their course, time to ensure dough resting times are observed and that processing is carried out by hand in observance of artisanal procedures.

Get into the Redipane mood

A break, a business meeting or a moment just for you. We offer you the quality of your time.


Redipane is a warm and comfortable place, evocative of bakery products enhanced by the smells and aromas drifting out of our ovens. A place where you can get anything from a light and tasty brunch to a sophisticated coffee break or from a traditional Italian breakfast to a simple lunch with friends.



Redipane MILANO

Corso Italia, 42


Redipane - Bakery Café

Bakery, dessert and coffee shop, even at home.


Bread, focaccia and homemade desserts are a constant commitment for us to the customer.

A moment of relax

The tradition of the Italian coffee bar lives on as the protagonist of the Redipane format. Offered are the best Italian coffee blends to be enjoyed “black” or as a creamy cappuccino accompanied by a fragrant croissant, still warm from the oven. 


Our new line of enticing special coffees will tempt even those who decide to forgo the pastries.



Bread, focaccia and homemade desserts are a constant commitment for us to the customer.

Redipane Merch

Recreate the Redipane mood in your own home. Discover the line of accessories and gadgets we have created for you.

In today’s shop window

Bread basket

Basket made from natural fabric for presenting bread on the table, 13x13x14(h) cm


Mug made from hard feldspathic porcelain, Classic model, 310 cc, extremely hard and compact white translucent porcelain. Personalized with full vertical logo.

Bib apron

Adjustable strap bib apron with front pockets, personalized on the front with the “R” symbol and complete, slight relief rubber print logo.

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